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MARCH to Clariphones, DANCE on A, Basset Horn ROMANCE, Eb Soprano SCHERZO, Eb Contrabass FINALE
CategoryInstrumental Works » Duos
CategoryLarge Ensembles » Concertos
InstrumentationPiano, A Clarinet Solo, Basset Hn, Eb Sop and Eb Contrabass (1 player) / piano Sc/Pt
ComposerDeon Nielsen Price, ASCAP
Composition Year2000
Publication Year2000
The original term "clariphone" refers to a subcategory of aerophone to represent the wide variety of tonal colors encompassed in the large family of clarinets, four of which are included in this piece.
Recording Information
Orchestra version: On Clariphonia: Music of the 20th Century on Clarinet. Cambria CD-1125, 2000. Audio excerpt and Digital Download:
Performance Information
12/2/2000 City of Culver City Performing Arts CA; 12/16/00 National Assoc. of Composers, USA Los Angeles; 12/22/00 Los Angeles L.D.S. Temple Hill Series; 1/11/01 Synaestasia, Northridge, CA; 4/17/01 Fullerton College Recital Hall CA; 6/1/01 Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China; 6/4/01 China Normal University, Beijing; 6/4/01 China People's University, Beijing; 6/7/01 Beijing Concert Hall, China; 5/24/01 and 6/30/02 and 7/10/03 El Camino College Center for the Arts; 6/2/01 Shanghai Conservatory of Music China; 6/5/01 Beijing Normal Univ. China; 6/6/01 China People's University, Beijing; 6/7/01 Beijing Concert Hall; 10/14/01 Hemet CA Community Concert; 11/02/01 Temple Square Concerts, Salt Lake City, UT; 11/14/01 Fullerton College CA Recital Hall; 11/18/01 In Praise of Music Series, La Canada CA; 12/12/01 Los Angeles Temple Hill Concers; 5/31/02 and 6/11/02 Temple Visitors Center Theater, Washington D.C.; 3/22/03 Hildegard Festival Calif. St. Un. Stanislaus; 3/23/03 Porterville CA Community Concert; 5/22/03 City of Culver Sity music in the Chambers Series; 12/22/03 Los Angeles L.D.S. Temple Series; 4/17/03 Fullerton College, CA Recital Hall; 7/10/03 South Bay Center ofr the Arts, Torrance, CA; 10/3/03 Antioch College, Ohio; 10/5/03 Dayton Ohio, Church of Jesus Christ of L.D.S.; 10/4/03 Paul Laurence Dunbar State Memorial House, Dayton, OH; 10/4/03 Mount Auburn Church, Cincinnati, OH; 9/23/06 Antelope Valley College Faculty Artist Recital, Lancaster, CA; 10/14/06 Church of Jesus Christ of L.D.S., Heidelberg, Germany Dedication Concert; 4/6/05 Culver City Senior Center; 6/5/05 Capilla Cardenas, Panama City, PA; 6/7/05 University of Panama; 6/9/05 Panama National Theater, Panama City; 10/14/06 Heidelberg Germany Chapel Dedication; 3/13/08 Mu Phi Epsilon-Los Angles; 4/17/08 and 4/20/08 China Conservatory of Music Beijing. Berkeley A. Price, clarinets/ Deon Nielsen Price, Pno.