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Cambria CD1222 Toads and Diamonds Ballet & favorite encores by Chopin and Debussy
CategoryBooks and CDs » CDs (Cambria/NAXOS)
InstrumentationSolo Piano
ComposerDeon Nielsen Price. F. Chopin, C. Debussy
Composition Year2013
Publication Year2013
Toads and Diamonds folk ballet by Deon Nielsen Price ; "Clair de lune" and "Feu d artifice" by Debussy; "Fantaisie Impromptu," "Revolutionary Etude," "Cello Etude," "Black Key Etude" by Chopin. Deon Nielsen Price plays on her "dream" Steinway semi-concert grand piano.
Recording Information
Cambria CD1222 Distributed by NAXOS. Jonathan Marcus, recording engineer.
Performance Information
"Toads and Diamonds" commissioned by Park City Dance (UT), Juliana Vorkink, choreographer, premiered May 10, 2014.