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Dancing on the Brink of the World

Cambria CD-1170
CategoryBooks and CDs » CDs (Cambria/NAXOS)
InstrumentationNational Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, solo piano, solo clarinet
ComposerDeon Nielsen Price
Publication Year2008
"Deon Price's orchestral works speak to the heart and mind and to her craft whose orchestral palette is rich and yet subtle. (Carol Worthey, composer/artist).
Recording Information
Cambria CD-1170 2008, Recorded in Kiev, Ukraine, October 18-20, 2007, John McLaughlin Williams, conductor, Berkeley Price clarinet soloist and guest conductor, Deon Price, piano soloist.
Performance Information
Titles: "Yellow Jade Banquet," "Epitaphs for Fallen Heroes," "America Themes," "Gateways," "States of Mind," "Dancing on the Brink of the World"-tone poem